Accessories are a girls best friend!

These images are what I'm about with my accessories at the moment... LOTS OF THEM!! 
I also love their nails, short and solid! Although I do need to paint mine again, the dark purple is all chipped... ICK!
Hope you are all having a lovely start to your week. 
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JoJo said...

The nails are the first things I noticed. I'm a sucker for fabulous nail polish!

ladaisi said...

I love the nail polish color too.

That snake ring is astonishing. I always wish I could wear more jewelry, but everytime I put it on I end up taking it back off. So that leaves me with a few pieces I always wear. . . no variation.


Jane and Lou said...

Hi, nice to 'meet' you - found you via the blog hops, then saw you're a fellow Aussie - nice work girl. Wishing you all the best with the design business venture! Followed for you, come visit me @ Jane:)

Grandma Sez So said...
I'm following you. Follow back, please?
New blogger needs some love. Thanks.

shari @ little blue deer said...

The more the merrier, right?! Love! XX!

Jodi said...

I'm a new follower from today's blog hop!

Please stop by and follow back when you get a chance. :-)

Have a great night!


this free bird said...

all of those bangles look AMAZING!! love that piled on junky look!


Ms. Robinson said...

please tell me you can tell me where to get that beautiful pewter handbag....i want it...