Cool Kids Rooms

I saw Toy Story 3 the other day, so loving the Buzz Light year toy!! This is the perfect little boys room!
I know this is a child's room, but swap the cot for a queen sized bed, and I'd be truly happy in here!!!
Gorgeous, love the stripes and the colours
Love the tent!
Inspired truly inspired... what little girl wouldn't be happy in this room!
Lovely pink-- love the mirror and the chandelier
Below I love the stripes, the prints, and the yellow!
So I have decided I like 'grown up' feeling children's spaces! Although having said that, I haven't yet taken the leap into parenting so my opinions may change! 


The Bipolar Diva said...

The thing about kids rooms is that they have to change so often since you can't have a baby room for a kid. You can't have a kid room for a pre-teen ad you can't have a pre-teen room for teenager. GRRRR! Those are all really cute though!

Charity said...

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Lianne said...

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Style Attic said...

Yes, kids rooms are so fun! I've enjoyed working out all my designs on my kids...even though they are boys :) I was so excited when my 8 yr old wanted the base color for his room to be black...for a space room. It turned out awesome and amazingly bright :)

Mom's Review for you said...

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mel said...

these kids rooms are so so cute! i love the fairytale one:)