Winter and hot chocolate

...IT'S FREEZING... so to warm up I'm indulging in hot chocolate... DELICIOUS.. but I'm drinking it out of a Max Brenner HUGMUG... so I thought I'd google it (as you do) and I found a gorgeous website;

Definitely chocolate lovers paradise! But the piece-de-resistance is definitely their HUGMUG...
"Hug Mug is a specially designed mug for the chocolate drinking ceremony. The mug is shaped for hugging in both hands, creating the ultimate drinking experience of cosiness, warmth and fragrance."

They also do a chocolate pizza!! OMG!! Although I couldn't find an image to share unfortunately!! But sounds delightful!! I'm feeling a little warmer now!


Poppies and Sunshine said...

How adorable is that hug mug! Love it! And I am definitely craving chocolate now! YUM!

Andrea @ Andrea Reh said...

Dessert pizzas are fantastic - I'm not sure if they've made it to Oz yet, but Hells Pizza here in New Zealand do the most fantastic pizza with milk and white chocolate. Truly to die for.

Andrea X

kim @ stellacake said...

oh yeah - that chocolate pizza is the business! whenever in a city with max brenner (not often) we always stop in. be sure to try the chocolate fondue and the white hot chocolate as well. actually, just have one of everything on the menu!

Natasha said...

That is one cute mug! Those chocolates look delish too.

I could go a hot chocolate right about now actually.

Best wishes and happy weekend,