Retro Print Revival

I found this site whilst browsing on, the lamps have been created from retro fabrics and up-cycled lamp bases. The pieces are all one off designs and truly gorgeous (if you ask me).
Their website is also absolutely inspired... something I'd take to my website designer!


Ruth said...

wow.. these are beautiful!!

Underneath His Wrapping

Ms. Emily Ann said...

What cool lamps!! I love the retro style, but never know quite how to incorporate it. But that lamp on the bottom left would be pretty easy to pull off in a bedroom - thanks for sharing!!

Poppy said...

Yes please to the second lamp down! That is just gorgeous. =]
And don't be nervous about sending my parcel, there's no way I will be disappointed with it at all! You could send be a bag of sweets and I'd be over the moon! I just hope you're not disappointed with the swag I've got for you! (I also went a teeeeeeny bit over budget. Only by £2.50 though!) =]

Poppies and Sunshine said...

What fun! The second one is my favorite. It reminds me of wild flowers!