Materialistic... A fabulous online store

Featured in Real Living Magazine this month was this great designer... 
There are so many things to love, firstly the gorgeous designs!
Secondly she is a Sydney girl and started out at the Paddington Markets!
Thirdly the fact that all of these designs are hand screen printed using eco friendly inks!
Fourthly Miss Angie who started this label, began it as a hobby.. so it serves as great inspiration for the rest of us!
And finally... we come back to the start.. the gorgeous designs!
So I'm sold... how about you???


Abby said...

I loved these too, especially that gorgeous fuschia!

Alexandra Rae said...

I love all her designs. Bold and fresh. I especially love that she started out at the Paddington Markets. Thanks so much for stopping by :-)

georgia~gigi said...

Hey Miss Hazel! Just wanted to say Hello! I have been a bad bloggie friend! It has been a busy summer!
I love the throw pillows!
gi gi