New Moon out on DVD

Like most females these days I fell in love with the Twilight Saga, so of course New Moon came out on DVD in Australia the other week and I decided to have a look and see what sort of Twilight Memorabilia you can get for your home, this is what I found....

(This Rock actually came from Forks!! 
And is suppose to represent The Quillette Tribes)

Thank you Etsy for allowing beautiful creations like this to exist! I know I wouldn't actually buy any of them (although the bracelet with the Wolf and the Diamond Heart is cute) it still shows how crazy some fans get! (PS I'm on the fence with the Team Jacob vs Team Edward.. I love them both!)


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

yay!! team Edward all the way! even though jacob was incredible in NM and I felt a bit bad for poor skinny pale Pattinson :S

7 Year Wedding said...

So cute! I agree with Helena, team edward!