Je ne sais quoi?

Because I work for a major Queensland furniture retailer I feel that my home looks a little bit like a showroom designed by my employer! I can not help myself but to buy furniture from work simply because it is so accessible but also because it is affordable for me. However lately I've been finding the look created within my home a little bit on the generic side of things. So I've decided that I need a little 'Je ne sais quoi' within my home to change it out of the status-quo and make it mine!

I've been trying to add accessories and artwork to move it out of the realm of generic and into the world of 'fabulous' but thus far it hasn't worked!

So I've decided to do some research about the history of the design-world and find out if something from our past can help me find that little bit of edge in my home.

I'm thinking a little bit of Bauhaus

Plus maybe some inspiration from famous designers like Philipe Starck

Also Michael Thonet, the original designer of flat pack furniture.. way before the time of Ikea

As well as other well known modern interior brands like Missoni Home etc. As I progress in my research I will be sure to update you on what I find and how I will interpret my findings into my home! 

Hopefully it will prove to be a fun and informative journey.

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