How To Make Your Own Mood Board...

I loovvee Mood Boards or Inspiration Boards whatever you want to call them, I have two in my study... one is for me a sort of 'This is my life' the other is for design inspiration for when I am in the mood for making cushions etc...

I wrote the following down a few years back and it talks you through how to make your own Mood Board. It is what you need to do to create an Inspiration Board when updating/renovating a room. I'm not sure where I got it from though?

A mood board builds up the look to ensure your elements work together;
  1. Illustrate your starting point: attach swatches of your chosen colour, pattern, style, texture or whatever is inspiring you.
  2. Assemble Key Elements: Collect test pots of paint, fabric samples and pieces of furniture from magazines or catalogues. Use your camera to take photos when you go shopping. Make sure you have samples from all of your room's elements.
  3. Make swatches bigger or smaller according to how much space the element occupies in the room: Wallpaper should be bigger than accessories for example.
  4. Finishing Touches: Add ideas for accessories. Look at the board in the room you are decorating in different lights. Try other samples if necessary, until you are happy with the result.

Of course for me a Mood Board grows and evolves just as a room does. 

And I am constantly changing and updating it depending on my moods or to suit images I find when I am out shopping or images I find on the internet or in magazines.

At the moment I am channelling a lot of black & white a la Chanel, as well as lots of teal and brown for my latest lot of cushions I am creating!

The most important part about my Mood Boards are that they are all about me and what I inspire to be! Oprah has done a show about these boards and the power of visualisation!


Poppies and Sunshine said...

I LOVE mood boards! I used to make them for fun when I was a kid, then I had to for college and that was great. These are some great tips. Makes me want to make one again!

Cornflake said...

I think mood boards are a great idea and so much fun. My blog is essentially my one big mood board!

I'm saving all my posts for interior design inspiration. I'm only too thrilled to find so many digital photos to add to it, ah the wonders of modern technology! :-)

Style Attic said...

I used to have to do those back in college for design. It's been years since I've put true effort into one. I start, but what usually makes the cut it whatever sunshine my boys bring home. I might just make a little one esp for me on the side. Thanks for the spark of inspiration :)

Courtney said...

This is a great idea for a day like today, where I'm bored and thinking of something fun to give me some motivation. Yours turned out really well!

Kelle Dame said...

I have one in almost every room! It's a great way to display all the little snippets that you pick up along the way!