Wedding Dress Shopping

I am so excited because I have finally purchased my wedding dress! I did not realise how stressful it would be to find a wedding dress, I had an expectation that I would really enjoy the process and it would be completely romantic and a fun thing to do. Feeling like Cinderella, what more could a girl ask for? Instead I found it to  be a completely deflating process! So depressing!

If I were a boutique shop owner I'd ensure that all woman feel like Cinderella whilst shopping for their dress. From a personal view I'd make sure the following;
  1. Dresses fit and aren't 3 sizes too big or too small when you try them on.
  2. Dresses are showcased in all the colours they are available in so you can try on both the white and the ivory version.
  3. Dresses that are reasonably priced. (I completely do not understand the cost associated with wedding dresses and that seriously deflated my enthusiasm when shopping!!) 
  4. Lightweight dresses shouldn't make a size 8 girl feel anorexic (every single satin or lacy dress I tried on my hips felt like they were protruding out of the gown!!)
  5. Shop assistants that are helpful and not up-themselves!
To be fair I should probably note that some of the boutiques that I went to did cater for me in all of these ways, and there were only a couple who did not! Has anyone else felt the same way shopping for their dresses?

So I now have the dress on order and completely excited.. I would explain more about the dress but I have concerns that my fiance might spy out the details and therefore spoil the suprise!

However I will include an image of the shoes that I have chosen. I found them on sale 75% and they are absolutely perfect! You can't see the heel in this picture but they are quite high... I'll just have to make sure I have a pair of thongs handy for later in the evening! Hahaha!

Speak to ya'll soon 

:) Hazel

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