My first post on my new blog...

Hello, my name is Hazel and I am a Shop-a-holic! I think it is a bit better than being an alcoholic but my fiance tends to disagree! In coming posts I intend to showcase some of my recent acquisitions so that ya'll can enjoy them with me. In the meantime I'll just explain a little about myself, I'm a 26 year old kiwi living in Brisbane with my fiance Brad and our adopted dog Harley, we rescued him from the RSPCA and he is adorable!

Brad and I are getting married this October on 10.10.10 so a lot of my purchases at the moment are wedding related! I'm the introverted one in the relationship while Brad is an extrovert, and for us it really is true that opposites attract.

I currently work at a furniture store here in Brisbane and have dreams of making it in the interior design industry. In New Zealand I worked with at a small design company Ataahua ( and loved it, but at the moment the steady income definately helps... especially with the upcoming nuptials!

Hopefully you'll come to find my blog useful and somewhat amusing, and I will have to apologise in advance for my use of the explanation mark I love using it and if I'm not careful all of my sentences finish with one.

So enjoy... and I'll speak to you all soon.


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