Contributing to Hazed

Our magazine not only features New Zealand's indie design community - but it is also written by the community. We accept a variety of contributions for the magazine from all sorts of indie designers throughout New Zealand.

If you've ever considered writing content for a magazine we offer a great opportunity to get your 'foot in the door' with an acceptive and encouraging community.

How does it work? Pitch your idea to our team with just a few simple paragraphs outlining who or what you'd like to do, by sending an email to:

The contributions we look for can be varied in design and nature - such as:

  • Features about local designers and projects.
  • Q&A's with fascinating members of our community. 
  • Craft labs aka investigative research into ways our designers can further grow their businesses. 
  • DIY's, recipes and tutorials to help our reader's to live creative lives. 
  • Plus so much more... 
Once your pitch has been accepted be sure to follow the guidelines below...

Each piece must have:
  • Column name - all contributors have column names eg. Anarashii Wisdom, Upcycle It, Creative Business, Craft Lab etc. 
  • Title - generally two words, no more than four. 
  • Writer/Interviewer - tell us who is responsible for the words.
  • Photography/Images - tell us who is responsible for the images. 
  • For features about a designer: we need to know where to shop, Facebook page & email address. 
  • For features/articles written by you and not about a designer: we need to know your website and/or Facebook page. 
Pieces submitted without this core information unfortunately can not be accepted. 

We have a preferred layout of our DIY's and tutorials:
  • Introduction - generally a paragraph long. 
  • Starts with a 'You will need' list of ingredients and/or project requirements. Each ingredient should have a capital letter for consistency across all contributors.
  • Instructions - should be numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. To make it easy to follow the instructions. 
  • Conclusion - generally a paragraph long - but not necessary. Some projects may not require this step.
If you have any questions - please feel free to ask. If this is your first time contributing, please don't be scared - if you get it wrong, we won't bite. That's a promise! 

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