HIBISCUS - Mason Jar Experience Advent Calendar

Today, allow me, to allow you, to take a step back from the Christmas commercialism. The bombardment of flyers in letter boxes, the advertisements screaming down our televisions and radios, and excitedly presented wish lists from our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and various small friends. 

Today, take a walk with me. And make it your moment, to just breathe. 

Christmas is an enchanted time, not only for our children, but also for us, the magnificent parental providers of said magic. 

Every year, since my first born love was ejected into this world, I have vowed to not get sucked in by the all so blaring consumerism that is Christmas in the Twenty First Century. I've on many occasions failed. 

There WILL be deliciously wrapped presents under our upcycled driftwood tree, the obligatory photo attempted with a sizable man in a red suit attempting to impersonate the ever mythical St. Nicholas, traditional letters written (if not only for the memory box) and carrots gifted for reindeer on long sleigh rides. 

But this year, instead of trinket or store bought chocolate advent calendars, I choose to give my children time. 

A mason jar. Some card stock. Some washi tape. And smiles sided with memories to last a lifetime...

Today I share with you my 2014 take on the traditional advent calendar. It lacks chocolate and small gifts, but bangs with a WHOLE lot of love. 

I came across the idea while stalking Pinterest, merging a few ideas together to create my very own DIY jar full of Christmas love for my own precious small people. 

I have a cupboard full of large mason jars burgeoning out of my kitchen depths looking for purpose at any stage of a given year, which is what I chose to house my finished product. other ideas floating around in my imaginative head space were to pop the cards in pockets or drawers of ready made calendars, hanging them number side out on a wire coat hanger or pegging them off a rope Christmas tree on the wall. 

You will need:
Card stock
A printer
Washi tape
Your chosen presentation vessel (In this case, a mason jar). 

You can find the free printable on Hip Homeschool Moms. Big thanks to Hip Homeschool Mom's for creating and sharing it on the interwebs for us all to enjoy!

Print your cards as per the instructions.
Cut, fold and washi tape seal your cards
Present them as you wish. 

I decided to fabric decoupage the jar seal with a festive spot then screw the lid on, too easy!

I will now admit to writing all the daily activities in a calendar hidden far from small eyes, so I can be organised as to what I will need on any given day. Some of the activities require some planning, such as decorating a gingerbread house or creating Christmas ornaments. 

There are some pearlers in there, I am totally looking forward to watching my children's faces light up each morning upon opening of their daily advent card, discovering what Christmas activity we can enjoy today.

Happy memory making, and while I am at it, have a jolly, jolly Christmas x

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