Love and Inspiration

I've been getting my blog on lately and appreciating the work of other bloggers and designers across the globe, so I thought I'd start a regular series of posts about my favourites, my favourite images, my favourite blog posts and my favourite ramblings that I discover as I dip my toes back into the world of blogging...

Who wouldn't LOVE to attend a workshop by Design Love Fest... the goody bag alone would have me there in a snap - even if it were empty! Drool! The fact that it was a photoshop workshop has me even more excited, I desperately need to attend one of those bad boys!

This blog post has been on my Bloglovin for a while, but I'm completely in awe of the achievement of this blogger/crafter and the fabulous parties she gets to create during the American Stationary Show, each time I revisit the post my brain starts whirring into action with ideas on how my next Craft Love Festival will pan out! Imagine having the Etsy Wholesale team at your event? Imagine having signage that looks like this! Imagine having goodies to give away like those, and just fabulous decorations EVERYWHERE. In awe I tell you, in awe! Oh so beautiful paper is AMAZEBALLS! 

Another oldie, but a goodie, and mostly because I'm finding myself on a pink tangent, but I came across these on a Cupcakes and Cashmere blog post a few months back and decided to bookmark them, not only because of the pink and the ease of the project, but because at the time I was genuinely struggling to find any decent coasters anywhere. What do you think? Should I make some of my own?

I have to admit to having a bit of a 'love, hate' relationship with this next blog, A Beautiful Mess, I love them because they create some amazing things and have great style, their projects are always achievable and gorgeous. I hate them - because they get to do this for a living AND they just produced another book!! Okay, so maybe hate isn't the right word... I envy them and I'm jealous and I'm sticking my tall poppy stick at them too! 

I particularly love this project and think it would be great for signage for craft love, and/or at a stall selling Hazed magazine.

I really enjoyed reading this interview with 'Pampa Rugs' by The Life Creative, don't you love meeting the makers behind the brands, 'Pampa Rugs' may be an Australian brand, but their brand and ethos is one that we can all understand. 

And besides, that's the best bit about inspiration and blogging, it comes from EVERYWHERE!! So I guess that is where I'll leave the first ever 'Love and Inspiration' post, with that thought, where do you find your inspiration? And do you have any blog posts you think I might like to enjoy? Or any blogs I should add to my blog roll on Bloglovin?

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