Hibiscus - The Wedding

I do.

I did!

Seven years ago now, on a beach, on New Years Eve, at sunset.

I remember fondly making my 'bouquet' with my husband's uber creative aunty, who also made our daughter's and bridesmaids flower ensembles. I say ensemble, as I chose a fairly non traditional way to incorporate flowers into our mix – we wore arm bands of my favourite flower, the frangipani.

But I digress. Here are some fabulously simple DIY wedding ideas.

Something old, something new, something you could potentially borrow and blue? Well, you could tie that one in anywhere!

Vintage Doily Wrist Cuff

One of my personal favourite pieces of jewellery is my vintage doily cuff.
I wear it and it just makes. Me. Feel. Special.

I have a teeny few (read: I hoard) vintage doilies at home just waiting for special projects like this one. If you are buying one specifically for the job, then rummage your local second hand stores to find one that suits.

I chose a caramel coloured circle shape and a lighter coloured diamond star shape. Checking for fit is simple, just wrap the doily around your wrist to check it overlaps, and it might pay to check there are natural 'holes' in the crochet pattern for you to pop your buttons through.

The size of your buttons are determined by these slots also.

Before you sew your buttons on, try it a few times to ensure button placement and fit, you don't want it too loose, as it will slip around a tad.

I wear my circle cuff both with buttons showing, and buttons to the inside of my wrist. I must say, I am a little bit enamoured.

Decoupage Cufflink

Linking you as a couple, this is a great way to add your own story to your the Groom's wedding outfit.
Because let's face it, Groom's can often skip the hoo-ha of wedding day outfit fussing!

Blank cufflinks are available at stores such as Beadz Unlimited, or online via New Zealand websites such as Made By Me.

The bezel settings come ready to go, with the only tools you'll need being some trusty Mod Podge, and your photos or maps.

I made some using place names which my Husband and I had travelled to as a couple.
An equally beautiful idea if you have treasured ones who have passed on, is to use their photos so they will be close on your special day.
Alternatively, photos of yourselves or your children (if, like us, you bucked the idea of tradition and had children first!).

With a quick snip and mod podge into the setting, then another thicker modge coat on top (this acts as a glue for the cabochon to seal to the bezel setting), 24 hours drying time later – viola! A personalised keepsake of not only your magical day, but also one that is you, as a couple, to a t.

Conveniently, for those without Mod Podge on hand, there is also a 'screw and go' setting available which requires no gluing, though might not hold up so well in the rain!

Scrabble Nameplates

Let's face it. Scrabble tiles are incredibly in vogue. Why not incorporate them into your table setting, signing of the register table, or photographs?

Simply borrow, scour the op shops, or bust out your own Scrabble set, and go wild with it!
Here are some I have created in the past, retro vogue at it's finest...

Do enjoy! The creating that is, and while you're at it, have a magical wedding day too!

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