'Ingrained' designs contemporary jewellery with particular emphasis on nature and personalisation. My vision is to create meaningful jewellery with a long lasting appeal. We gained a loyal following through our 'name on rice' jewellery and that is how the name 'Ingrained' was born. For that I'm thankful to all the people who have supported me. I receive great pleasure making personalised pieces and especially receiving feedback from fans, sometimes it's a simple expression of gratitude, other times my pieces have brought tears to someone's eyes. It is fascinating that a piece of jewellery can have that effect. I’ve always believed that jewellery design can be more than just creating something with superficial appeal. 

Right now... I am thinking about Summer and how nice it would be right now in this freezing cold apartment. That and of course the meaning of life, did someone say 42? 

Clicking on... Hazel Loves Design actually, brimming with talent and inspiration.

Following... I keep tabs on various blogs from time to time but nothing I follow religiously.

Thinking about... Where Ingrained is heading, particularly with upcoming craft markets this year.

Listening to... An Electric Heart, emerging pop duo hailing from Napier, New Zealand.

Saving for... We are going to be buying a car soon, small but super roomy. Is there such a thing?

Obsessed with... Art, Jewellery Design, Cocker Spaniels.

Reading... Quake Dogs – Heartwarming stories of Christchurch dogs.

Doing... Putting the finishing touches on an order to go out today.

Excited about... Upcoming craft markets!

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