Greetings! Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. 

My name is Kirstee Griffiths, and my title to the outside world is often along lines of 'Upcycling Extraordinaire' or 'Creative Genius'. 

Truth be told, I am a stay at home Mama of ten years to two beautiful souls who graced us with their presence nine and three years ago. 

And I am a rebel. 

With a gargantuan cause.

I regularly don my Super Hero Save the Planet cape in my 'me' moments, and it's at these times that I can feed my creative soul and nurture our planet with the care and respect it so rightfully deserves. 

Call me a hippy (many do), but in today's forced commercialised society, I am the revolutionary who will never give up creating for her cause. 

(Insert wicked laughter here).

I have, if you like, a fairly hefty beef with society as a whole in the 21st century. Between the in your face advertising (it's everywhere isn't it?!) and commercialism dictating our growth toward 'throw away-ism', there often isn't much room for us, nor our children (you know, the ones who will be caring for our future planet), to just, breathe.

This, coupled by my insane attraction to fabric and the extraordinary magic it holds (coupled again with my non ability to form any kind of relationship with a sewing machine), led to my business, Hibiscus, to be born. 

Hibiscus encompasses my vision of the future, whilst utilising relics of the past, and created within my work shop walls are wondrous pieces filled with history and love, whilst revealing a new and improved modernism, which can fit in with the most eclectic or subdued decors.

I use a lot of fabric decoupage on furniture, create real working bird houses out of vintage books and have recently turned my hand to the creation of stunning clocks using long ago listened to LP's as a base.

My dream 'date with myself' day would include foraging a plethora of second hand stores and fabric shops. 

My purchases almost always include beautiful items which I can re-love in some way, though, I do admit, most are made with no clear vision at the counter. 

I tend to collect beautiful things, from vintage doilies, door handles and furniture, to old pieces of wood and disused oars.

The unsolicited version? 
I hoard.

I bring my vast and varied treasures home with me and add them to my stores, until a later date, when the lightbulb switches on (more often than not at some nonsensical hour of the day/night, when my hands are full with caring for my sweet beings or slumber is nigh), and soon thereafter, a repurposed delight is created. 

I embarked on a hand made gift year in 2013. 

My silent protest to our commercial world, and an opportunity to really think (and get into highly organised mode!), about the gifts I was composing, and the special people in my life for whom they were for. 

Pinterest and I became firm friends over this period, and we continue to strengthen our relationship daily. 

I'm considering a marriage proposal. 

I have taught my up-cycle skills at amazing conferences, such as Handmade in Wellington, to four year olds at my son's kindy, and places in between.

I see knowledge as the utmost power, and spreading mine, sprinkled with my creative genius, equals food that nourishes souls...

So, in a nutshell, that is me. 




I am delighted to start sharing with you some of my DIY ideas here on the most fabulous Indie Design ON the planet, Hazel Loves Design.

If your ready, buckle in, we have a whole lot of planet to re-love...

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