Before I started Hazed, I'll be honest I had a lot more time on my hands to create, for me my creativity is all to often engineered via a computer screen, by way of beautiful blog posts, creating websites or simply writing.

Another passion of mine is reading, and again, one I haven't been making much time for lately - mostly because when I do the stories tend to encompass me, meaning I pick up a book only to put it down once it is completely finished. Regardless of how ever many hours this may land me! Which, with as much as I have on my plate can prove to be quite troublesome when it results in few hours of sleep and an inability to function completely.

I've taken to reading solely teen fiction and only buying one book at a time to try and combat this, although after reading Divergent recently I went to Whitcoulls the following to buy the second book in Roth's series thus breaking my own rule! Oops! But it was worth it!

Which brings me to the point of this post - I recently purchased an iPad - yeah, I know, go brag elsewhere. And have found myself starting to use Evernote after I realised how great it is for sharing your work across your devices, and so I've been researching more and more for my Craft Lab tutorials that I hope to launch in the next twelve months and the subsequent book I hope to create to further empower indie designers in New Zealand.

But also, and perhaps even more so, finding myself distracted by a character I started to create several years ago I've never had a passion for creative writing, never thought myself particularily good at it, but here I stand with the beginnings of a manuscript about the story of Fleur - a Sex and The City meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer character - and thinking perhaps I could further envigorate this outlet of creativity once more? 

I'll leave you with a snippet so you can see just how far my journey stills needs to meander before it will reach it's point of perfection!!

"Despite the fact that like any modern woman I have had a number of different careers. One of my favourite moments in time was when I was living in Paris in the late 1940's and was working evening's as a seamstress alongside Christian Dior. I helped to create the infamous 'New Look' in 1947. Back then our creations were designed for sustainability in a post-war climate when it was difficult and expensive to obtain beautiful fabrics, and more important to create silhouettes and designs that would make women feel beautiful again after years of war and hardship.  

Today it is the opposite we are surrounded by beautiful and cheap fabrics and so many styles of clothes made quickly and effectively to meet our every whim and need in the fashion world. Sadly though in our haste to have fast fashion we have lost the quality, we wear clothes that were hastily put together using cheaper alternatives, plastic instead of metals, synthentics instead of naturally grown materials.The younger generation have no comprehension about what beautifully constructed clothes look and feel like. They have no understanding that clothes can look just as beautiful on the inside as they do on the outside. They don't comprehend how corsetry can make a dress fit their bodies better or even know what a grossgrain waistband is. 

This is the perspective of my new line to interpret all of the best elements in women's fashion that I have known over the last four hundred years and regenerate these ideas with a modern twist and interpretation for Generation Y. My label is all a representation of me, the best elements that I have seen in women's fashion across the centuries blended together, even the name of my label is a representation of me, "Sang-Blanc" the name of my label represents me all the purity and morality that is represented and interpreted with the colour white versus the punishment, finality and horror represented by blood and immortality.

As I step out of the car I evaluate my choice in attire for the day, I'd gone for a stereotypically vampish look, a gorgeous short black dress flaunting my cleavage with over the knee black leather boots, to make the outfit suitable for work I'd added gorgeous lace-imprinted stockings and a Burberry Trench over the top. A woman should always feel attractive no matter what the purpose of her outing. 

The building I'd chosen to base my business in was stunning, it was an heritage listed building recently refurbished internally in an ultra modern style. My main studio is in the basement so I can be away from the midday sun, on the ground floor we have a beautiful boutique store where customers can come and get couture gowns personally designed for them mostly wedding and debutante gowns. As well as a the recent addition of 'Off-The-Rack' designs (which are my current favourites). 

Above we have the hub of activity where all the seamstresses and designers work split over three levels, on the fourth level we have just launched a sales team who are responsible for generating excitement and publicity for the brand (they have been in charge of the media frenzy surrounding the show), then finally on the top floor we have the Management Team. The design of the mezzanine section of the building means that everyone from the seamstresses on the first floor to the management team on the top level all look through a five story glass wall and out onto the Brisbane River, it is absolutely stunning, especially at dawn when you can see the sun rising over the city!"

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