CRAFT LAB - Applying for markets and design stores

Over the last eighteen months I have found myself on occasion attempting to assess the suitability of local crafts for markets and events. Which, trust me here, is never an easy task with so many talented craftspeople about. 

What I've learnt is that although two people may have equal workmanship in terms of the quality of their product one person tends to stand out more due to the 'saleability' of their brand. So I thought tonight I'd share what I think are some good tips to help you to step up your 'saleability'. 

Today I have a couple of tips I have learnt along the way when it comes to developing your craft business and getting accepted...

*Remember when you apply to craft fairs/markets/stores they WILL click through to your Facebook page/blog/website, make sure your online world is a fair representation of your brand and you use quality photos to showcase your work. When it comes to photos, less can all to often be more.

*If your pieces have a story to tell, work out how you can share it. For example Crazybird Designs create pieces using Kauri sourced from demolished Christchurch Homes, this increases the appeal and saleability of her work.

*All to often an emerging ‘brand’ is scattered, try focussing on ONE product you know that you can create exceptionally well, and let that do the talking initially. Then gradually as your brand awareness deepens look to introduce other product to.

For example – You start making cushions… work on the quality/the materials/the photography/the branding, then develop the colour-ways, develop the patterns, add embellishments etc etc. When you have substantial sales of the cushions under your belt, then and only then, consider extending to a complimentary product. By expanding too soon, you run the risk of loosing the quality across ALL of your work.

What are your thoughts on the subject? What tips do you have?

Crazy Bird selling her fabulous Kauri pieces
Photos by Utterly in Love and taken at the Christmas Encraftment

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