Help wanted!

Do you ever get the feeling that there just aren't enough hours in the day? Then you'll know how I'm feeling right now! With everything that is going on with 'Hazel Loves Design', with all of the greatness happening with Hazed not to mention all of the fun stuff in my family life and at the day job at Westpac I am often left feeling overwhelmed, with WAY too much to do, and not enough hours in the day to do it all.

First of all, I made a HUGE, MASSIVE decision to move away from a number of my favourite hobbies and solely focus on the 'critical' aspects of the Hazel Loves Design brand. Even with paring it all back, I've realised that I simply don't have the capacity to do everything I want to do within the hours of my day. The first things to drop off my radar, are the things that don't have deadlines, and that means my blog, the force behind the empire that Hazel Loves Design will one day become. 

And so, I thought I'd reach out for some help.

I'm looking for someone who can help me create moodboards on a weekly basis. Once a fortnight spotlighting our sponsors and once a fortnight spotlighting the designer wares from the Emporium. I'm hoping this same person will also be able to help create a weekly 'Friday Edition' cross referencing with The Sweet Rendezvous.

I am also looking for people interested in writing a monthly column of some description for the blog. This could take many different approaches, and we are interested in discussing how you'd envisage this developing.

At this stage we have a budget of $5 per post, but hoping this will be able to grow in the future. Especially if this 'project' is successful. Of course we would definitely cross reference with your brand, and increase your personal brand exposure (that's always good for the ol' SEO!!)

Sound exciting? Email me; and we will chat some more (I may not be able to reply until the weekend though).   

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