Today is the first of the blog posts introducing some of the fabulous stall holders that you will be able to discover at the Craft Love Festival in a couple of weeks time!

I am Jamie aka The Cake Eating Co. I make boutique cakes, chocolates and desserts for sale at markets and shops in Christchurch. I am chef turned pastry chef and chocolatier, mother of chef minion #1.

What makes your craft unique? My food is inspired by patisseries around the world as well as all the delicious produce I find around Canterbury. My goal is to make a product that blends these two together and celebrates the best of both. 

Who is your muse? My husband. He makes a weird suggestion for a food then stares at me as I go through my crazy thinking out loud process of creating a dessert.

What do you love about selling at markets? Two things:
1-being a chef I have spent most of my working life stuck in a kitchen and never really interacting with the people who eat my food. It is such a thrill to get positive feedback about what people love and what they want.
2-the 'market commerce'. I love being able to trade cakes for other goodies! Who doesn't love a barter system

What does the term ‘Indie Design’ mean to you? Something that is made by a small independent producer. Pretty much always top quality, unique, quirky and totally fun.

You can find Jamie on her website or on Facebook

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