Hello Lemon

I am consistently in awe of the talent the is available over on The Emporium, just check out these fabulous prints available from the FABULOUS Hello Lemon! I just love their work, and their philosophy! I little birdy tells me, we may just be hearing more from them in the Summer edition of Hazed too!! x


hello lemon is the brainchild of illustrator and designer Merinda Wilson, who started the business in late 2012 as a way to avoid getting a day job. Beginning with only a few hand-printed cards, hello lemon's range now includes over 60 card designs (many of which have been known to bring on uncontrollable fits of giggling) and an eclectic collection of digital and handmade prints that appeal to adults and children alike. With a love of bold graphics, playful humour, and hand-drawn typography, hello lemon combines the modern and the imaginative into a brand that is fresh, joyful, and brimming over with light-hearted enthusiasm.

Born in Sydney and now a happy resident of Christchurch, New Zealand, Merinda runs hello lemon with her long-time partner Tim out of their home studio. All hello lemon goods are produced locally using sustainably-sourced materials, and include a mixture of plantation and tree-free papers that have been carefully selected for their beautiful texture and quality. 

Merinda and Tim absolutely adore what they do, and as hello lemon grows they hope to continue to bring smiles to peoples’ faces and make the world a little bit more awesome every day.

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