{KIWI TOUCH} Bonjour Sweetie

Today I am super duper excited to introduce you to Jayne from Bonjour Sweetie, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the intricacies of her work which I was lucky enough to stumble across on Etsy, but more excited to discover were kiwi grown! 

Right now I am.... wondering if it is possible to devise a diet that consists of eating cake. There’s the juice detox diet, the no-carb diet, the fasting diet and the cabbage soup diet – why can’t someone make up a cake diet? 

Clicking on... When in Auckland – witty GIF’s that make me smile; Bakerella – great recipes from a sweet gal; Metservice – they have time lapse webcams so you can see what the rest of the country looks like, from Paihia to Kaikoura to Queenstown – it’s brilliant! 

Thinking about... other designs that I can make for my necklaces and box dioramas. I have so many ideas but there’s just not enough hours in the day! 

Listening to... I listen to a bit of everything when I’m in the mood to listen to music, but one of my favourites is Foo Fighters. 

Saving for... a holiday to anywhere! Bora Bora looks nice, but Eastern Europe would also be great! 

Obsessed with... Zombies! Books, TV shows, movies – you name it, I’m all over it! I’ve even made some zombie necklaces, which I love... not sure about other people! 

Reading... Zombie books, but when I can pull myself away from them I get into Camilla Lackberg – she’s a Swedish crime writer and I really love all of her novels. 

Doing... actually I’m not doing as much creative stuff as I’d like to be... I must do more! 

Excited about... dare I say it... Christmas! My favourite part is the cooking and festive spirit, plus there are some great pre-Christmas markets that people can get along to, such as the Auckland Art & Craft Fair at the Aotea Centre and Kraftbomb in Grey Lynn – fun for everyone and it’s shopping made easy! PLUS season 3 of The Walking Dead comes out on DVD this month... it’s the little things! 

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