Borrowed Earth Exhibition

Through the Hazed Journey I have been lucky enough to make friends with a number of absolutely talented and fabulous artisans. One of those is the gorgeous Adele from Borrowed Earth, which is why I am gutted that I can't be in Auckland this week to attend her gallery show on Friday.

Adele and Richie are great advocates of Hazed and Hazel Loves Design and I am proud to be able to share their work on this blog!

Adele makes me proud in the way that she whole heartedly lives, you'll find a number of her vegan recipes and fantastic DIY projects in Hazed, all encouraging a lifestyle to help this earth be the best it can be for future generations.

A little birdy tells me that you'll be able to taste her home made Hummus dip at the exhibition on Friday, AND you'll be able to find that very same recipe in the next edition of Hazed! 

And like her lifestyle philosophy these gorgeous cushions are much the same not only is the fabric eco friendly, but the inner is too, made from recycled PET fibre, which is post consumer plastic. So it is all soft and snuggly! 

Good for the environment and gorgeous for the home. 

I think Borrowed Earth is a living constitution of our most recent 'Craft Lab' on Branding, showing us all how a business can live a philosophy from its core.

The pieces are all quintessentially kiwi and bold and beautiful! So make sure, if you are in Auckland this Friday that you pop along and check out the exhibition... I know Adele would love to see other members of the Hazel Loves Design family there!! 

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