{KIWI TOUCH} Art by Ira

Today we would like to introduce to you the fabulous Ira of Art by Ira, I'm sure like me you'll fall in love with the bright use of colours in her work. 

This painting recently sold to Sir and Lady John Davies of Queenstown.

Right now I am... Working on new paintings, mainly large bright florals and my Summer calendar of markets around the South Island. Enjoying using larger brushes, more gestural movement and bright colours, moving towards impressionism.

Clicking on... The upcoming impressionist exhibition, which will be awesome!

Following... Maya Angelou her words of wisdom and humour are thought provoking and inspiring. 

Thinking about... my city and how I can do more to help, having just finished a mural for Aviva, formerly the Christchurch Womens' Refuge, for the children's room. 

Listening to... Fleetwood Mac, old school but it's just so wonderful. Rumours is the best and just dreamy.

Saving for... Italy Legato exhibition 2014, showing my paintings for the third time and saving to go to the 70th anniversary commemorations in person. 

Obsessed with... Learning more about the world and history, especially biographies. there are so many wonderful people out there to learn from. 

Reading... Richard Branson's "Losing my Virginity". So admire this man for his spirit, kind heart and business mind. He certainly has guts and is so inspiring.

Doing... Cleaning up my garden, the sun is out and winter has trashed the yard... with help from the dog. Time to clear away the muck and make way for a fresh new spring growth.

Excited about... Not feeling scared so much about the earthquakes. It's life changing to not be tired from fear. Growing my business knowledge, meeting more and more inspiring like minded people who are community minded and honest within the business world. Inspired by another biography of Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop.

You can find out more about Ira's work over on her website or on her Facebook page

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