Podgy Panda

A kiwi born artist currently tearing it up in London! Richard Kuoch draw cute and colourful things! Reminiscent of crazy doodles! 

Master Chef 
The Harlem Shake

Engulfed by the Cheshire Cat

Richard was part of the successful 'Bro Town' franchise when he was in Kiwi-Land, so it is little surprise that his ink work is creating a splash in the bigger pond! 

Like features on the covers of super awesome magazines..

And having his artwork forever inked on bodies in Germany...

This is not the last that you will see of Podgy Panda here on Hazel Loves Design! I love Richard's work and I just can't wait to see what he comes up with next! - I wonder if I'll be able to interview him for Hazed one of these days?

All photos sourced here: Podgy Panda

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