Anchored in LOVE...

Every now and again an Indie designer will absolutely surprise me! Stop me in my tracks and make me go 'WOW'! And Lee from Pretty Birds did exactly that when she showed me these gorgeous pendants.

A while back I explained a theme I was looking for to a graphic designer, and while the projects was awesome it came back slightly different to how I'd imagined (different perception and interpretation). However THIS design is exactly what I'd imagine all of those months ago! 

I love (pardon the pun) how the toughness of the design, pirate tattoo anyone! Is softened by the use of the word 'LOVE' and then modernised by the use of the blue and white stripes!

This piece perfectly fitted the LOVE theme at the 'Craft Love Festival'! I 

What do you think?


Lee said...
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Lee said...

Aw Hazel - thank you! I collaborated with Danielle from Grace Creative on this one - I don't always have time to put all my ideas into action myself and she did a great job of helping bring this concept to life :)

Shannon Thomas said...

As a Navy wife I have to say bravo! It is so perfect. How can I get one here in the US???

Lee said...

Hi Shannon, It would be perfect! We post worldwide - just go to and you'll find it there under the "Anchored in Love" menu list.