{KIWI TOUCH} The Response...

Today we have Andy from 'The Response' sharing his thoughts right now...

Right now I am... writing and recording, always writing and recording

Clicking on... pitchfork.com

Following... @cheeseontoast

Thinking about... How one can make a living off their art

Listening to... unknown mortal orchestra

Saving for... instrument repairs :(

Obsessed with... universal audio plugins

Reading... The bible

Doing... Too much

Excited about... Releasing our new album on the 30th of March

Andrew and Victoria Knopp are the duo that make up indie-pop act, 'The Response'. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, they write and record all their material independently, drawing on influences from many sources. Determined to faithfully translate their expansive albums from tape to stage, yet remain a duo, The Response have crafted a live show that utilizes every one of their limbs and will leave you wondering how two people can make so much noise. 

The Response are a band to keep both of your eyes on.

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hollymayb said...

I met these guys aaaages ago, I'm not sure if they were 'The Response' then... but, they were then extremely talented and humble people. I'm sure they are even more awesome now.

It's very cool to see them here on HLD!