Boskke Planters

The Sky Planter Clear offers the ideal environment to grow orchids and keep them at their healthiest and most beautiful; suspended above the ground, in the warm air of the ceiling, and with their roots exposed to natural light. The moisture they require is delivered gradually to the roots via the internal terracotta Slo-Flo reservoir.

Using translucent plastic, Boskke has revealed the once hidden inner workings of the Sky Planter, exposing the raw structure of the pot itself, as well as the soil, water and roots of the plant, so the dynamics of plant growth can be freely observed.

In the natural environment orchids are commonly found growing in unusual directions from tree trunks and branches, so therefore growing upside-down in the Sky Planter is quite normal for them. They also typically grow with their roots exposed to the light rather than buried deep in the soil.

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