My wardrobe epiphany....

Bringing sexy back...
I recently decided to overhaul my wardrobe I have been trying in vain to do this for a number of months, but with spring in the air I got up the courage to do it good and proper. There is something about a good ol' fashioned purge that makes me smile, colleagues of mine can attest to this. (I have been known to visit a messy desk whilst someone is away and clear it out!!!) However this cleanse was a little different as it was time to get rid of the pre-baby clothes and relinquish the fact that not only has my body changed since pre-pregnancy, pre-baby but so too has my outset on life. 

I no longer have a need for those slinky clothes that I used to wear when I'd tot around Brisbane city on a Saturday night. After all, how many cocktail dresses does a girl need when living in Christchurch? It's not like we can wear them all year round, and when we do go out, it is more likely to be for dinner and a cocktail, and sadly due to the lack of inner-city night life, not cocktails and a 3am souvlaki! 

Case in point, my most expensive pair of pants, a $450 pair of Sass and Bide midnight black shiny denim dream jeans, used to look to die for when prancing around the night life! Sadly they no longer fit my post-baby body, and it is not that I can't get my body back to it's pre-baby shape, its that I don't want to, I no longer wish to be a waif thin bean pole, and I am happy with the curves and not the hip bones. Thank you very much. 

But these pants have left me in a conundrum, on a cost per wear basis they are still awfully expensive. But, do I really need to hold onto things that no longer fit the new 'me' both in size and in personality! And the answer is.. no way, jose. Time to sell them on Trademe.

Now my wardrobe is a colour co-ordinated array of clothes, admittedly a lot of black with whites, greys and a sprinkling of colour - mostly in accessories. There is something about black and the ease with which I can mix and match it that draws me to the colour like a moth to a flame. It wasn't always this way, but with a goober-filled toddler on the loose one can never be sure of how many outfit changes may be needed in a day!

It was once suggested to me that an interior designer should look in ones wardrobe to determine how to decorate ones home. In my case I'm hoping that means a monochromatic manhattan penthouse, and not a gaudy gothic inspired faux-chateau! 

Have you had an epiphany whilst cleaning out your wardrobe? 
What colour dominates your wardrobe?


Cat said...

Oh yes post babies my wardrobe has had many changes, however, now at 7 & 4 I am doing my bestest to bring the sexy back in a respectable school Mama way

Ben@Nexera said...

Excellent ! Thank you for the good ideas!