Caribbean Cool

And how to get the look in your home.

When you think of the Caribbean, the mind tends to wander towards an endless summer,
pristine sandy beaches, and gently swaying coconut trees. In one word, Paradise! 
Take a mini holiday and dip your toes into a Caribbean styled decor.  

Which Colour Palette to choose? 

When decorating with the Caribbean feel in mind be bold, be brave. It is so much more than a nautical theme. Think deeper colours. Dark blues, bright yellows, deep greens. Echo the colours found in the natural beach settings for example the bright coral reefs and bring those same colours into the home.

Muted, soft colours don't work here.

Try a tropical wall paper perhaps as a feature. 

Furnishings & Fabrics

Generally, go for natural furniture that will withstand the elements. Think rattan, bamboo, cane. Use fabrics that echo nature again. Palm leaves, birds, tropical settings. And again, the brighter the better.

And don't be minimalist here, fill up the space. 

Accessories & Decoration

Nothing says Caribbean more than bright white shells so put them all around. Fill bowls with them.
You know the little white shells that are brighter than the sunshine?
Use them!! And have fun.

All of the above pieces are available here
Donna   xx

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