{KIWI TOUCH} Sophie Slim

Sophie runs the Sophie Slim blog and is the founder of The Sisterhood - an online community of women who gather together to bless other women!

Right now I am....

Clicking on... Blogs, all of the time! Between reading them, writing one, running three facebook pages, running the Sisterhood, it feels like my fingers are growing roots inside the keyboard! Forever clicking. 

Following... I'm getting back on the Twitter buzz! I go through periods of a love/hate relationship with Twitter. Are you on there? Can I follow you? Find me at /sophiemoo2

Thinking about... Putting all of my groceries away, We went early morning shopping this morning and right now they are sitting on the kitchen floor while everything defrosts and I enjoy some lollies and a hot cuppa!

Listening to... The birds chirping outside (big black birds!) and a distant toilet flush in our apartment complex (their pipes run through our walls... apartment living!)

Saving for... A mortgage and an iPhone 5. Hubs is a bit of a tech geek, a new phone is on the to get list (but it means i'll get his hand-me-down iPhone 3something! Not bad at all really. Feels a bit like the future over here!)

Obsessed with... All of the FAB american TV programs that came out recently! We're watching Modern Family, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, New Girl and Xfactor! If you're wondering where I am, I'm on the couch! 

Reading... Beautiful nominations for The Sisterhood. We're doing another round of LOVE BOMBs and I absolutely love reading the nominations, they're one of my most favourite parts! I get to find out about beautiful strong women all around New Zealand!

Doing... You'll find me crocheting, making a big blanket for my daughters bed (its beautiful, trust me)

Excited about... Summer! I'm my happiest when the blue sky is showing off and my shadow is dancing! I can't wait!

Check out Sophie's blog, Sophie Slim and her Facebook Page

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