{Kiwi Touch...} Borrowed Earth

Clicking on... Hazel Loves Design and Hazed (of course) Paper + Lace, Sleepy King, Vegan cooking blogs so much out there!
Following all the above!

Thinking... about having an early night!  How close Christmas is and all the things that need to be done Ahhhrrr!!

Listening... to Red Hot Chilli Peppers best band like eva! NERD, Ben Lee, Carmen as you can see mixed bag!

Saving for... new old retro couch and to keep doing up our house.  
A work in progress for sure, one mission at a time.

Obsessed... about all things handmade vegan recipes making shoes and upholstery work!

Reading... Quantum Warrior the future of the mind by John Kehoe

Doing... lots of work in the studio, getting the garden ready for summer, trying to stay fit and healthy trying to remember my Tai Chi so I can practice more at home.

Excited... about EVERYTHING!  Life is amazing!  So many opportunities out there.  We have heaps of ideas for some more cool ceramics and some other products which will hopefully happen soon.

You can check out Borrowed Earth HERE

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