Soft Pink and Soft Blue Merino/Angora/Nylon Blend Chevron Striped
 Crochet Dress with Latticed Bodice and Egyptian-style collar

My name is Ana Lydiate. I am a Wife to an amazing Husband and Mother of 3 gorgeous boys first and foremost. In addition to that I design, make and sell my own Crochet and Knit Fashions. 

My designs are heavily influenced by my Pacific Island Heritage, my admiration and respect for Japanese (Asian) Fashion savvy, and in general I am just a stubborn, demanding gal who expects a lot. I expect a lot as a Mum and I expect a lot from my fashions. I also value practicality, functionality and versatility - so if I cannot find these things in fashions that are available, I will simply make them myself - all these things factor into my designs. 

When it comes to colour selection on the one hand I do like classic colour combinations of Black and Red for instance - but on the other hand I am constantly trying to break that mould of tried and true colour combinations by pairing up, for want of a better word, crazy colour combinations (excuse the unintended alliteration) - bright, vibrant - unexpectedly genius. 

Vibrant Sea-coloured Assymetrical Petal Stitch Poncho with
 Assymetrical Shoulder Wrap and Koru-like attached Rose

I am inspired in my colour combination selections by Nature and the Sea - I love Deep Earthy Forest Colours, the colours of the Sea and the vibrant colours that Nature throws together in Flowers. When it comes down to it though there is one constant standard through all my fashions and that is that I strictly make only items that I like or that I want to make - things that I would personally wear or want to wear. 

And for that reason I like to think that my fashions are truly as the word I coined, Ana-rashii or Ana-ish - in essence a part of me : )

Soft Blue Unisex Basket Stitch Crochet Button-up Scarf for Babies/Toddlers to 
show off practicality andversatility I strive to instill in my Baby/Childrens items 
and especially  my dedication to making items for boys that actually are boyish 

Clicking on...  Glee - Season 4, Episode 3 - my babes weren't in bed yet : )

Following... Well I'm not on Twitter or anything, but I've totally been "following" HAPA - excited about, love and identify with their whole concept and all that theyr'e doing!

Vibrant Spearmint Green Latticed Fingerless Mitts

Thinking about... My Garden - Thinking about planting out my pea seedlings and growing more on the kitchen window sill. Watering the seedlings in our small tiered greenhouse (not yet - hopefully soon!), wishing I'd labelled the seeds I've planted so I'd know what was what.Wishing the Zucchini and Cucumber would get a move on and sprout already. Wanting to get more weeding done. Wondering what to do with ALL that self-seeding Calendula. Hopeful that I can nurse my Lemon Tree back to good health - again.

Listening to...  anything that will erase that horrid Gangnam video and song from my head /shudder - when my boys and hubby showed it to me the other night, I listened to "Waiting on the World" by John Meyer, "Don't forget your roots" by Six60 and "Rise and Shine" by Adeaze to get rid of that icky song from my head!

A Fuchsia Flowery Patterned Hooded Scarf in a beautiful Blend of 50-50 Wool and Mohair

Saving for... Ooooh these delish slip extenders! http://www.etsy.com/shop/aSlipShop - short term at least - long term I'd love to save up for the one day intensive training and qualifying session to become a Zumba Instructor. I ain't wearin' those Zumba clothes though!

Obsessed with... Vintage Bags and Coats. And Dresses.

Reading... I started reading The Hunger Games but unbelievably haven't kept up with it! What's wrong with me?!

Doing...  right in the midst of making a new Top design. I was going to be making Afghans but my scale batteries have died : /

Excited about... my Dark Choc Fudge being in Whittakers soon to be released cookbook "A Passion for Chocolate" - Eeeeek!

A Burgundy 100% Merino Button-up Frilly Victorian-esque Neckwarmer

Ami Ana is having a sale this long weekend on all children's items.. Eeek! Super exciting!!

The Ami Ana Tabetaichai Childrenswear Sale... 
(Tabetaichai is a Japanese word that is their equivalent of our "I wanna eat you up!" and is the name I use for my Babes and Childrens range) the Sale will run from 5pm tonight until Tuesday morning 9am. 

The Sale applies to current Babes and Children's stock - not custom made items and not patterns - however, I have some current stock of some of my custom made items so it probably pays to ask if they see a custom order item that they fancy - I have about 7 pairs of Baby Uggs in stock at the moment for instance. 

There are two codes TABE15 will give them a 15% discount on all children's items, there is no limit on use per customer and there is no limit on the amount of items they can purchase with this code either. TABESUGI25 will give them a 25% discount on purchases of 3 or 4 children's items (roughly purchases of $60 or more) and is limit one use per customer

Want to see more from Ami Ana? Check her out on FELT and ETSY


Ana said...

Thank you Hazel!! <3

VEEGURL said...

Mz Ana ... LOVE your work and its colours. Hey did you serve in the Tokyo Mission 1998 ... round that time???

Ana said...

Thank you Veegurl! And yes I did! :D