A cake fit for a princess

All it takes is for one image to set me off on a tangent, and today's tangent is pink cakes!!!

Why.. oh I dunno? Just because!! 
It may also have something to do with the fact that today is my gorgeous niece Isobella's second birthday!! 

I wish I were celebrating with a gorgeous cake like one of these...

Have you recently hosted a party?
Are you proud of the pictures?
I will gladly do a post about it, just email me: hazellovesdesign@yahoo.com


Heckety said...

Well...there's pink...and there's PINK!! Some of the icing is delightful, really imaginative. Two of my girls spent Friday even making a birthday cake for Eldest's boyfriend- an open packet of cigarettes with all the labels written on. seemed a really weird choice of subject for a cake to me....

Kate Luella said...

Just amazing - these pinks are gorgeous for any age, mine or my daughter's!!!