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Everything is coming along fabulously (with the exception of attempting -and failing- to download InDesign... just waiting to hear back from the website's tech experts to find out what is going wrong! GAH! Sometimes I fail miserably with technology!!

I want to know everybody's 'FIVE FAVOURITE THINGS', so let me know your list and I will publish your list in the first ever edition of 'Hazel Loves Design's Magazine'.

Hazel's Five Favourite Things:
1. My Family (in its' entirety) but most especially my Hubby and my Jellybean
2. Our Weber BBQ in the summer
3. My collection of Sass & Bide jeans (I'm proud of them -and the fact I was back in them within a week of giving birth!)
4. My growing collection of 'Supernatural' books
5. My blog, 'Hazel Loves Design' and how much of a fabulous community it is now!


Anonymous said...

5 Favourite things . . . ?
1: the smell of freshly ground coffee
2: watching a girly movie with my girls - the 3 of us in a row with chocolates and tissues to share
3: the sound of cicadas at dusk
4: the rose - Blue Moon
5: old photos in real albums

xxPauline Brettell (

Tinker said...

5 favourite things...
1, Creating
2, Hanging with my daughter
3, Trim latte, 1 sugar
4, Design/craft magazines
5, Religious iconography, skulls, roses