A New Wave

I think I may integrate something different into my weekly posts. I recently (like yesterday) started a new job and have had to start packing my lunches again because I firmly believe everything you create is ten times better than something bought through a drive thru. I will be showing you guys what I prepare as a fast, easy and fulfilling lunch for those grueling long hours you wish you were doing something else. Sleeping, perhaps? Anyway, I don't particularly have a recipe for you guys this week, I promise to allow myself to be more adventurous with something as simple as "lunch" and I hope it does the same for you--whatever your particular  job is. Plus, lunchboxes are fun as there is something so nostalgic about opening one and seeing things neatly organized for consumption, like an assembly line of deliciousness or an Ikea entirely made of cake.

So let the lunchbox madness--and regular madness--begin.


Anna @ IHOD said...

I love this idea for a series:)
Looking forward to seeing it!

Cassandra said...

starting a new job myself tomorrow, can't wait to see what your ideas are!

CraftyFox said...

Oh exciting! Hopefully I can be inspired!