Sweet blasts

I love snacks. I love easy snacks that make me appreciate snack time. Have you ever had a snack that just made your whole day better? It fills you up just enough to go on with your day. This one does just that. It's a slice of petite toast with almond butter slices strawberries and bananas. So good. Not only good, but it's a nutritional powerhouse with whole grains, healthy fats, vitamins and protein. I use whole wheat dinner rolls, which I slice lengthwise with an electric knife to get it just perfect, but I'm sure a bread nice and a steady hand would be just fine. Next I slice up about three strawberries and half of a banana (and munch on the rest while constructing the snack. Multitasking, people). Now for the almond butter, I prefer mine a little warm so I pop the jar in the microwave for forty five seconds or so until it reaches perfect viscosity. Then I slather some on the slice of bread and layer on my toppings. 

Literally one of the best things ever. Especially drizzles with some agave or maple syrup on top. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Get it?


7 Year Wedding said...


Kymmie said...

Oh my! I am MAD for almond butter, banana and maple syrup. So adding the strawberries is just the bomb!

So trying this tomorrow!

Thanks for sharing. I love a healthy snack or two ;) xx