Lush. Tropical. Island. Style.

One thing I am drawn to more and more in interiors is the use of lush greenery as a decorating feature. The catch-cry “Bring the outdoors in” is being taken to a whole new level. I have always used palm leaves and bird of paradise inside the home as well as flowers. Gives the room a whole new feel I think. Fresh, airy, alive! And it makes you smile just by looking at them…

My favourite combination right now is masses of lush, thick palm leaves and hydrangeas

Very coastal!

Ralph Lauren

Just two simple stems adds a focal point.
But en masse is my preference (Lonny living room above).

Ultimate Beach House

I know that I instantly feel so much better when there is fresh foliage inside. It makes me feel alive! Greenery certainly lifts a room.

How do you feel when you have fresh blooms indoors?

Donna    x 

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