{Review} Be Natural

Yum, yum, yum for my tum, tum, tum!!

I recently received another gorgeous box of cereal in the letterbox from Be Natural, you may recall my post earlier in the year on Be Natural's latest releases HERE, and this box was just as tasty. 

My absolute favourite part of the cereal are the clusters... they are DELICIOUS! I have been known to sneak into the pantry in the afternoon and snack on them, so when poor ol' hubby goes to get breakfast in the morning he is left with only crumbs. Why are they so good? Because they are created using Be Natural's signature spice blend, which includes cassia, nutmeg, cloves, white pepper, cinnamon and cardamom... delicious.

This morning hubby and I had our muesli with kiwifruit and raspberries on top... YUMMY!!!

I absolutely recommend getting this in your next grocery shop!! ENJOY! 

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