{Places to see} The Maldives

This week on my Facebook page I am focussing on the colour aqua, so when I decided to do this post, this image seemed perfect, I have often dreamt of visiting the Maldives, and with the images coming from the Maldives frequently looking like this... who hasn't dreamt of visiting this locale?

The Maldives

So how do you introduce the colour aqua into your home? It is easily used as an accent colour within the home, usually surrounded by whites and timbers, as shown in this image...

A gorgeous kitchen using aqua, especially love the SMEG fridge

Oh, so romantic!

I love Mid Century furniture at the moment!

I also love to see aqua mixed in amongst other colours, it is such a modern and eclectic method of decorating, although I do believe you need to be quite talented to pull the look off effectively.

A mix of gorgeous colours and prints

I also love the colour combo of aqua and orange! Stunning!

Love the symmetry and love the colours!

What is your favourite way to use aqua in the home? Share your ideas and links on my Facebook Page.

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kate xx said...

Oh how I want to be in the Maldives! It's always been a place that is on my MUST SERIOUSLY do list! Love the aqua aswell! Such stunning curtains! :) x