A teenage Dream...

I have two teenage daughters who always love to add just a little bit of pizzazz to their bedrooms.
I always style their rooms up ‘just pretty’ and then BAM!! Two days later it’s back to clothes on the floor and a whole lotta mess. But anyways – at least the rooms look good for a day if I’m lucky.
I went in search of some inspiration and found a couple of great ideas
I thought I would share. . . cause I like to do that!

Hanging masses of pom poms or lanterns from the ceiling… Brilliance in itself!!
You could add heaps of different colours
Or just different tones of one feature colour…

Instant wow factor and visual/textural interest. 

Fairy lights add a whole lotta sparkle… 

And I always think handmade wall art is a personal, satisfying and unique way
to add a point of difference to any bedroom. Something like this above is ideal for teenage
girls’ jewellery to be on show (cause they have LOTS of it).

Use basic white frames and fabric or paper that co-ordinates with
other items in the room to give a complimentary feel. Too easy.

I think I might work on the pom poms and frames very soon.

Donna    x 


HeppieHermpie said...

The Pom poms are great!!
And.. I recognize your story about your teenage daughters.. My 10-years' old daughter.. her room is for a little cleaned up.. but soon.. it is again a flea, ;))
But, we love them though!!!
With love, Herma

Hazel Schreiner said...

The other day I created a fabric pom pom, it looks stunning, I am now going to make a whole lot more to use at a wedding I am styling in March. Completely exciting!!

:) Hazel

Chrissi Holt said...

Hi ! I love the pom poms and laterns myself and plan on doing something similar when I have children :) lucky children hehehehe xxx