{BAGS BAZAAR} Hamptons Style

Today we have Donna visiting from Hamptons Style, I initially came across Hamptons Style on Facebook, and I have been enthralled ever since. Make sure you pop across and check out their new website, I promise you will adore all that you find!

Thank you Hazel for asking me to guest post for your blog, you have amazing taste and I love reading your posts. 
I created Hamptons Style as an online store that features products based around  the decorating style that I find stunning. The Hamptons style of decorating is classic, elegant, and to me, I find it very restful.                    

I tend to find inspiration in my surroundings. I live on the water, and when I am walking or running along the waters edge, I have my best thoughts. I think clearly there, it’s very peaceful. There is a little stretch where there are little upturned boats and such, I love it. Also, I find inspiration in the many blogs and magazines that I read.
I love inspirational quotes, and live by many of them.  I guess my favourite quote would be “Everything happens for a reason”.
For the rest of this year, my biggest goal professionally will be creating more products for my store, and sourcing loads more products to stock. I like to work with local artists and designers. And my goal personally… to stay as happy and contented as I am right now I think would do me just fine.
Lamp available through Hamptons Style

Print exclusive to Hamptons Style
I have an Oroton handbag. I just adore this bag because it is very practical –  it’s quite simple… and sometimes I have a scarf tied around the handle to give it a bit of colour. It goes with just about every outfit and is brilliant on weekends. I tend to change handbags every six months or so (I get bored with them quite easily), and I only use the one bag for this length of time. I don’t have a large collection of bags and if I am going to the races or a function etc, I will usually carry a small purse which matches what I am wearing.
I keep my mobile phone in my bag, so it’s very important that my handbag has compartments/pockets on the inside for me to slip my phone into.
My bag must be large, as I keep everything in there. This is a pre-requisite.
I keep a lot of items in my bag day in, day out. These are as follows:-
Handcreams, a small notebook, Prada sunglasses – in their case, prescription glasses – also in their case, large Oroton wallet, pens, tubes of lip gloss, powder compact.