Principles of Design

Classy Chic Formal Lounge

Space; The room is not very large, however the pieces of furniture chosen help to create an intimate conversational space.

Lines; As in the previous room, there is an obvious line running through the room, from the bottom of the image, up to the mirror on the opposite wall, this is created by the symmetry in the room.

There is also a second line in the room created by the ottoman leading up to the fireplace. I'd also expect there to be a second window on the opposite side of the fireplace out of the frame of the picture, further adding to the symmetry within this room

These vertical lines within this space add to the classy and formal mood within the lounge. 

Shape; There are a number of classic square shapes within this room, most importantly the fireplace and the picture hanging above it, this is also mirrored somewhat in the lounge and the ottoman. These shapes help to create the classy mood within the room.

However these shapes are softened by the numerous rounded edges within the room, for example the mirror, the candle holders, the vases and the cocktail table. As well as the rounded curves found within the lamps at the back of the room. This helps to soften the formal feeling of the room and add a chic flavour to the space.

Colour; The room is done in muted colours, which again adds to the classy mood of the space. However the use of a dark colour on the walls helps draw the eye into the room, making it feel a lot smaller than it is and helps to keep the space intimate for conversation. The floor and ceiling help to lighten the room and stops the darkness of the walls from taking over. As does the use of lighter furniture.

I love the way the light shade of the lounge echos the colour of the marble in the fireplace and the cushions repeat the colour in the ottoman. 

Texture; The textures in the room are what influence the 'chic' mood within the space. The metallics are picked up in the vases, the frame of the mirror and somewhat in the metallic colour of the cushions on the lounge.

There is also the mosaic texture picked up in the candleholders and again the frame of the mirror, and which is also subtley hinted at in the pendant light shade.

Light; Light is abundant in this room, there is bountiful natural light coming from the window beside the fireplace, as well as loads of artificial light to help create mood lighting in the space, this comes from the lights either side of the lounge and the pendant hanging from the ceiling. The lights beside the sofa are of perfect height to be used when reading.

Light can be further sourced from the flame of the fireplace as well as the flame of the candles above the fireplace, further adding to the ambience.

Pattern; Pattern doesn't play a huge part in this space, however it is picked up in the textures of the room for example the mosaic texture already mentioned. As well as the pattern of the cushions which slightly echo eachother, however not identically (lounge vs chairs).

Balance; Given that this space is a formal lounge, it is no surprise that a symmetrical balance has been used in this room. This helps to create the classy mood within the room. 

Rhythm and Repetition; Rhythm is created in the room by the use of the circular, it draws your eyes up and through the room to land on the mirror. This is also repeated in the other direction through the use of the angular drawing your eye upwards to land on the picture above the fireplace.

Repetition is evident in the symmetry, but also echoed in the repetitive use of textures and colours.

Empthasis; Normally I find a lot of empthasis put on a fireplace in a space such as this, but the designer of this space forces you to draw your eye inwards to land on the ottoman, so I feel that in this case the empthasis is on the 'conversation zone'.

Proportion and scale; Proportion and scale has been used well in this room to help create the classy and chic mood. The furniture is all of a smaller size which helps to create an intimate conversation space, however this has been situated beside larger accessories, for example the frame above the fireplace and the mirror. These larger pieces help to create the 'chic' feeling in the space.

Harmony; Over all this space has great harmony, the use of colour, similar textures and classy furnishings all adds to the harmony and mood within this space.

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