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Hazel Loves Design has decided to open up it's right hand sidebar column to sponsors. If you are an Indie designer, a fellow blogger, a WAHM or a relevant vendor and you are interested in sponsoring Hazel Loves Design I have a special introductory offer for you...

$19.95 will get you three months of
advertising on my sidebar
(this will normally cost $29.95)

$29.95 will get you six months of
advertising on my sidebar 
(this will normally cost $59.95)

$59.95 will get you twelve months of
advertising on my sidebar
(this will normally cost $100.00)

Specials running through to September 1st 2011

This price includes a guest post from yourself introducing your site to my readers, (copy will need to be approved by Hazel Loves Design).

During the period of sponsorship Hazel Loves Design will be willing to post about relevant new products on the blog, keeping in mind Hazel Loves Design is an interiors focussed blog.

Also if you like we can also host a giveaway of your product on the blog for our readers.

The advertisement will be 150 x 150 on the right hand sidebar and link directly to the sponsors web page.

So if you are interested check out Hazel Loves Design on other media, including;

And if you are happy with what you see, and believe that Hazel Loves Design would be a great forum for representing your brand then send me an email;


Kymmie said...

You've got yourself a blog business! Well done on branching out! So proud of you! xx

Heckety said...

Wow! Spreading your wings huh?! Well done!

Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

Hi.. here's a little more to be happy about!... An award is waiting for you at the Northern Light Blog :)

Keep up the great work!