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Thank you so much to Hazel for letting me do a blog swap with her.  I know this will be a little different from her normal posts, but I hope everyone enjoys it just as well!  

There are a lot of books on the subject on how to get men, keep men, and even break up with men.  I know because I’ve read almost all of them this summer.  There are even books that tell you how to become a sexy siren or vixen.  Sometimes I enjoy them and sometimes they make my head spin.  Are these kind of characters born that way, or are they made?  Maybe the two aren’t mutually exclusive, however, I think that there is an easier path to becoming your most enchanting self without using Mae West one liners or trying to act like Marilyn Monroe (not that those two things aren’t great ideas).  It’s a way of becoming more of yourself and in the process, becoming an enchantress without having even knowing that you were trying.  Here are my 
top 5 things that I think jump start your enchanting summer:

1) You have to start to love yourself for who you are.  I know.  Easier said than done.  I know very few women who are completely comfortable inside their own skin.  This is mostly because the media is telling us that we’re not good enough- that things that every woman struggles with shouldn’t be a factor in our lives.  The truth is that all women have body issues and can be insecure.  Love yourself for who you are now!  Today, look at yourself in the mirror and love you for you!

2) Write down 5 positive affirmations and put them where you can see them.  This could be as simple as “I love myself and others love me,” “Brilliant things are always happening to me,” and “my body is beautiful and gets more beautiful with every passing day.”  Make up your own!  Read them to yourself every time you pass them.  

3) Give away the clothes you don’t like.  I know it’s summer but you can always do a spring cleaning!  Chuck those clothes that don’t fit you quite right into a bag and send them away.  Don’t hold onto clothes that you don’t or can’t wear.  It clutters your closet and your self esteem!  After you’ve given everything away, go to a second hand store and find and outfit you really love.  

4) Start a journal that you write in every single morning.  Write at least three pages.  It doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t even have to make sense, but it’s amazing how free your day will be after you get all your thoughts out on paper.  I urge you to not immediately go back and read what you wrote.  

5) Start to have fun.  Start doing things you love to do.  Write a list of 10 things you’ve always wanted to do in your life and pick 3 of those things to try this summer.  Have you always wanted to go horseback riding?  Do it!  Ever wanted to go skinny dipping?  This is the summer to shed your clothes and jump into a lake without them on!  Look for fun wherever you go and fun will start to find you!

Those are my top 5 to jump start your summer!  Keep adding to the list and see what kind of adventures you can stir up!   

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