Today my little Jellybean has finally arrived home after spending the first three weeks of his life in Neo-Natal Special Care. It is a very special day in the Schreiner household! So now that both Jellybean and Hubby are fast asleep I've been spending some time browsing Facebook, discovering support groups for Premmie Babies and some very inspiring work-at-home-Mums. 

One very inspirational Mum is Jennifer Birkhead who has created the following YouTube video it has been created as part of a competition to become Lorna Jane's Modern Muse, but I love it...

I'd love to hear what your favourite Facebook sites are. 
And please check out Hazel Loves Design on Facebook!!


Heckety said...

Congratulations on your Babe! and that he's home! I've been thinking about you frequently and wondering how it was with you, even though I couldn't get the use of the computer to check up.
I'll be thinking of you as you start the next stage of this journey of yours!
You take care...and don't forgrt to sleep!!

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Welcome home little man! Coming home from hospital is a huge milestone. I didn't realise when I started following your blog that you had a little boy in hospital. I'm sorry I didn't realise till now.
Thanks for sharing this clip she is very inspiring.