The Vampyre by Tom Holland


So 'The Vampyre', a very complex book to read compared with the last couple of books on book club. I thoroughly enjoyed the complexity of the descriptive and narrative, loved the way the story linked in with the historic truth about Lord Byron and his poetry and posed questions about whether or not he could have been a real vampire!

I loved considering the European world during the period, too often we indulge in the old world of France and England that we know so much about due to the history of royalty, however it is not very often that we get to indulge our senses in the history of Turkey and other Eastern European places.

There were aspects of the Vampyre folk lore that I really enjoyed in the book, it was a much different interpretation to that of the Twilights etc that we are becoming accustomed to. There is definitely a differential between the Vampires of the 90's (Anne Rice, Tom Holland etc) and the Vampires of late. I think I prefer a mixture of the dynamics of the two, the harsh meanness of the old mixed with the metrosexual type vampire instincts of the two.

There was only one aspect of this story that I couldn't 100% grasp and that was the ending. For me it would have been better if the descendant had have been lured to the location to kill the lover instead of vice-versa (I hope that description is vague enough to not spoil the story for those of you yet to read it!

And I have to ask, what is the 'proper' spelling of this immortal? Vampyre vs Vampire?

You can purchase the book (should you so desire) here;

What next for Book Club?
"If You Could See Me Now"
by Cecelia Ahern

From the internationally bestselling author of PS, I LOVE YOU, a lively and romantic novel about two lost souls who find each other in the most unexpected way.

Everything in Elizabeth Egan’s life has its place, from the espresso cups in her gleaming kitchen to the swatches and paint pots of her interior design business. Order and precision keep life under control—and keep Elizabeth’s heart from the pain and hurt she has suffered in the past. Being a reluctant mother to her six-year-old nephew while trying to keep her business on track is a full-time job for Elizabeth, and one that leaves little room for error—or fun.
Until, one day, Ivan unexpectedly comes into their lives. The mysterious Ivan is carefree, spontaneous and always looking for adventure—everything that Elizabeth is not. If You Could See Me Now is the extraordinary tale of Ivan and Elizabeth. Of how Ivan meets the love of his life before she even sees him, and how he teaches her that life is only worth living when it's blindingly colourful and the occasional mess. Yet just when Elizabeth is starting to trust him, it turns out that Ivan isn't at all who she thought he was.
Playful and at times intensely moving, this is a novel about how seeing isn't always believing. Full of Cecelia Ahern’s trademark warmth and poignancy, If You Could See Me Now is a story of enormous heart--and just a little bit of magic.

So if you care to join in for next months book club (completely recommend it, it had we crying like a baby!) then you can purchase it here;

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