Wordless Wednesday

Letting out some secrets this week, we have decided to make our Nursery gender neutral, so it is going to have lots of white (white cot, white change table, white tallboy) with touches of the Tiffany blue as featured in this post. I just hope Jellybean will like the plan as much as I do!!
So what do you think???


georgia~gigi said...

OMG, Hazel do you have a lil bun in the oven? Yay! Did I miss that post, or is this your way of spilling it, he he :)
Love ya
gi gi

its simple love said...

Oh my gosh! I love love love it! It will be so beautiful! It will definitely be timeless.


Kelly said...

Sounds beautiful!! Very elegant

Heckety said...

Ha! I wondered if you were expecting from something you said recently and I dithered and dothered about asking you, and didn't know if I would cause offence by doing so, so I didn't email you at all just in case....I DELIGHTED for yous! That's soooo exciting! You wait- you are going to have such fun!!

And yes, love the colour scheme, very calming! For you at any rate...!!!!!!!

Congratulations, la la la la la.....etc!!

Heckety said...

Um...about those shoes though...are they for now? for later? or for the baby???...

Spots & Stripes said...

Gorgeous colours for a baby. Tiffany also do a lovely lollipop charm with the Tiffany blue. Very cute. I bought one for my sister as a gift when she had her baby.

Nichelle @ Vintage Wanna Bee said...




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