Where do you live??

I love finding images of magical looking places, 
this image actually looks like it belongs on a movie set?

The only downfall with living or working here is that they wouldn't have air-con and with the weather we are having here at the moment, definitely needing the air-con action!!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way 
Christmas in Australia on a scorching summer's day
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Christmas time is beaut
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty holden ute!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha I love that song! Have a great Xmas Hazel.
Megs x

Kelly said...

Lol love the song!

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Weekend Hazel Love :) I hope all is well in your world!
I see your in the Christmas Spirit! Nice song! I have been so anxious for snow, now that we have it, ugh! I wish it was summer here!
What an amzing house, very different!
love ya
gi gi
ps, Wedding pics?

Riviera Wedding Planner said...

Magical. LOL. Love this song. All the best, talk soon.