Tattoo Inspiration

I spoke previously of my desire for a tattoo, the desire is still strong but for the safety of Jellybean I'm holding off on getting it. So.... I had seen a few images lately that had inspired me with the colour and individuality, what do you think??
It seems to me that photographers like to portray the tattoo's provactively!!??


Nuheila said...

Love the last one.The others are too much for me.
Hugs from Morocco <3


MelRoXx said...

I like the first picture! The tattoo is so cute !

Kelly said...

I love the first picture - so beautiful with the color on black and white!

JJ said...

Hazel: I have a couple of tats. Be careful. Start small. What guy wouldn't love that first picture, but it is a big step. If you decide on the look of the second picture, please do not tell us.

Naturally Carol said...

I like the design of the first one but...I may not like it in ten years and it's too big to take off and too big to hide. I think I like it now because it's really in fashion but it won't be later on and it would date her...oh..she was young in 2010! etc.

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Sunday, or Monday for you :)
I sent you an email :)
I love the first one, that is very cool!
Yep, I think your already a wonderful mommy, looking our for your lil jellybean (love that :)
My brother is a tatoo artist in Costa Rica right now! I would like to get another one maybe on my side going up my back, but I'm not sure!
gi gi